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  • Architectural Partners

    We believe that to provide the best in architectural design we have to partner with the best in business. Our partners stand testimony to our thought of enhancing the human experience through integrated environmental design. And looking at our projects it is evident that those decisions have proved fruitful.

    Our Architectural Partners

  • Chiseled Landscaping

    We empasize on harmony of nature and concrete world in our marvellous projects. Whether its an urban open space planning or golf living project our partners creatively integrate the elements of nature and architecture perfectly into our designs. Turning anonymous sites into memorable places.

    Chiseled Landscaping

  • Interior Designing Partner

    Designing a living space that expresses our clients' individuality, balances the form and function, while adding comfort and convenience is far more challenging. But to have partners who listen to these design needs, express ideas of their own and devise a look that is tailor made for our clients is just priceless.

    Interior Designing

  • Golf Course Design

    Our golf course design partners incorporate the art of golf course architecture and planning in their creative approach.

    Golf Course Design

  • Structural Counsultants

    As a global partner, Leslie E Roberts and Associates, USA have designed numerous landmark projects, both nationally and internationally. Their long tradition of innovative designs has brought them to the forefront of the structural engineering profession. These world class structural engineering consultants focus on providing clients with imaginative and responsible solutions to engineering challenges.

    Structural Counsultants

  • Construction

    We brought together the biggest names of the construction business in India to provide the best quality to our patrons. The combined expertise of our partners in heavy machinery and construction is at par with the best in the world. The quality of construction in our projects is to set all new benchmarks for businesses everywhere.


  • Equipment

    Our main goal is to create an environment best suited to our customers' personality, lifestyle and selection. Emphasizing the mantra of timeless design, we want customers to enjoy a lasting fondness of their home. We have selected the best and most trusted world brands for our fixtures and fittings. This will ensure durability and quality for all our valued customers


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